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You can e-mail us at You can also reach our founder on LinkedIn or Twitter. Please be careful not to mention any sensitive issues before all parties are under an NDA.

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It is vital to honour the value of a good idea, but even more important to nourish it and then take the right approach, do the right things

Everyone knows it feels to have good ideas, but not everyone has the experience to decide how to realize that idea. Kynda is an advisory organization for start-ups, lead by entrepreneur and seasoned system's architect Walter Flaat, that helps you to realize your big vision.

What Priceless How to qualify
The Kynda method is a targeted approach that facilitates the realization of ideas, both in the mind and in reality.

Based on experiential and scientific evidence, we will deliver amazing tools that will help you every step of the way!

We have so much confidence in the power of our methods, that we let you decide what you pay. Except for some expense reimbursements, you only have to pay us the amount you feel is fitting.

We work under the industries strictest NDAs, so there is no risk involved.

  1. Your company is developing web-related products or services
  2. You are developing a tangible product, based on an original vision
  3. You enjoy hefty feedback or devil's advocate sessions